Today I was forced to ask myself whether or not I believe in ghosts. I honestly can't answer that question. There are many stories of ghosts in the cave. People claim they have seen Old Mr. Lynch up on top of the tower when nobody else is there. I KNOW the power of the mind. Light, incorrect depth perception, and a person's mind can definitely make them think they see someone when there's nothing there. How do you account for sounds, though? Not little creaking dripping sounds that can be explained away by settling structures or underground creeks, but real sounds that have to be made by humans.

Amanda and I were sitting in the bottom of the cave today when I heard the tower door open and close and heard loud footsteps on the platform. I heard no voices, so I thought the tour guide was ahead of his tour, or it was someone cleaning or something, and I waited to hear more. About ten minutes later, I realized I hadn't heard anything else. I asked Amanda what that sound had been. She had heard it, too, but thought she was hearing things because there was noone there. Assured that we both heard it, I got a little spooked, but let it go.

Upstairs in the darkroom, everyone tried to convince me it was the ghosts. I didn't buy it and told them so.

Downstairs in the cave, we heard more noises. These noises were not things that could have happened without SOMETHING making them happen. We had no explanations for what it could have been. I hate not knowing what I believe about this. At least I should have some explanation, right? Right?

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