SFist's Reasons to Love San Francisco

I'm very much enjoying a new feature on SFist called 7 Reasons. Two of the first three posts are about why San Francisco is amazing.

I concur.


Embrace the Good

"It's not fate versus free will. It's fate and free will."

"Every day God puts something good in your life. Embrace it. And let all the other stuff fall away."

~Crazy wise religious guy on Flash Forward


Remember This. Write it Down. Don't Forget.

If you have been hurt or wronged it is not your responsibility to attempt to rectify the situation.

A lovely piece of advice from Dating is Miserable.


SF's Commitment Issues

Great article in 7x7 about dating in SF. It doesn't get into much detail, but I appreciated this insight:
Opening yourself to love means “accepting your place in human history.” Whoa. Could that be the real reason for San Franciscans’ inability to settle down? Are we so attached to the idea of being exceptional that we just can’t fathom settling—which would mean, in this case, settling down into the great ordinary mass of humanity? Is long-term love (as opposed to sex and romance) just too ordinary for San Franciscans?
I think there's something to this.

The people who work their asses off to get here and succeed are frequently very extraordinary people. Maybe we have unrealistic explanations about what love and commitment is supposed to feel like, supposed to be. Maybe we won't find it until we're willing to accept that sometimes the extraordinary is something that find everywhere, in everyone, right in front of our eyes.


Thought on What Women Want

 From Cougar Town

There is no end to what a man must do for a woman
How can I still not understand what women want?

Women just want a guy who respects our independence, but also wants to take care of us.
We want a guy who's secure, but also gets jealous.
We want a guy who truly listens to us, but also wants us to kinda shut up.
Like yesterday, when you were being a little mean to me, but you weren't being too mean, that was so hot.

It sucks being a dude...women want an everything man.


"Everything Man"

Runnin', runnin', runnin' just as fast as I can
Trying to be your everything man.

You want me to want you, but not every day.
You want me to beg when there is nothing to say.

You want me la la la la but there's always a hitch.
La la la la la when you act like a bitch.

You want toughness and sweetness
and softness and meanness
wanna make me the master of this inbetweenness

Runnin', runnin', runnin' just as fast as I can
Trying to be your everything man.