My last day at Silver Dollar City is next Thursday. now I'm kinda sad about it. Guess I'll get over that pretty quickly. :)

A good quote from Becky for Relay For Life:

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour is
that moment when he has worked his heart out
for a good cause and lies exhausted on the
field of battle...victorious"
- Vince Lombardi

How perfect. How amazing was that morning of March 16th? Ahhh, to watch a new group go through that. Can't wait.

Okay..more fun stuff:

Read the following sentence straight through without really thinking about it:

Acocdrnig to an elgnsih unviesitry sutdy the oredr of letetrs in a wrod dosen't mttaer, the olny thnig thta's iopmrantt is that the frsit and lsat ltteer of eevry word is in the crcreot ptoision. the rset can be jmbueld and one is stlil able to raed the txet wiohtut dclftfuiiy.

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, we named the other cat Hannah. She seems to like it. :)

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