A New York Times article I never would have read had a friend of mine not been quoted in it.


Yay John :)


Oh my, it's been a long week. Last weekend was in St. Louis to pick up Corey's cousin Ava, hang out with his friend Marla and her baby and husband, hang out with my friend Rob, and tour the city. Spent the week with Corey, Chuck, and Ava doing all kinds of fun crazy things. Kissed a girl. Twice. Kissed a gay guy. Twice. Got groped by a bunch of gay guys in a gay bar. Got drinks bought for me by straight men in a gay bar. Ate brie that tasted like a Liz Phair song (see the new album). Note to self: Never eat brie again. Ever. Wore a dress with a slit up to my hip when I sat down. Spent this weekend in St. Louis with the Mandys and other Wash U folk, as well as Corey and Chuck. Did Relay (woo hoo!). Froze ass off. Saw Marla and baby again, along with other random baby. Drank a lot, ate a lot, drove a lot, slept wayyyy too little. Saw Ellen and Maddi and fam. Much fun. Decided certain family members of mine are very uncool. Sat across from best friend while being told she'd marry the guy she's with. Realized we are adults and are moving on. Tear. Asked random grocery store yamaka guy how pounds of matzos I should bring home. Ate German liquer-filled chocolates at Tivoli while watching Robert McNamara plead his side of Vietnam. Ate St. Louis Bread Co, NOT Panera, twice in one day. Said goodbye to good friend headed off to Kuwait to fight the good fight. Worked a totally different shift and job today. Saw pothead former friend/neighbor/bane of my existence who bragged about impregnating first child's preschool teacher. Now it's 9pm and I'm ready for bed. Bah.



Our summercamp song...written by 12 yr old moi:

The world is a very large place
but small to the closed of mind
and those who think they know everything
are alone as you will find

and I may be desperate and I may be young
but I really need my freedom and I know,
it just won't come.

my youth is no excuse
they say it all the time
I'm trapped in a child's body
with a grown-ups mind


and if I stand alone
i won't cave in to fear
I'll strengthen first myself
then grow above my years

guitar solo

we are all born equal no matter what they say
my life is what I make of it so if I start today
maybe my children will be able to say
thanks mom and dad for what you did yesterday

and I may be desperate and I may be young
but I really need my freedom and who knows?
it just might come.

yesterday, had you asked me if I had ever written a song I would have said no. having found that little juvenile thing, though, I KNOW the tune and words without having to read it. funny, huh?

So I went threough a bunch of old journal type things I wrote in junior high and found some pretty funny stuff. Thought I'd share some things here for all to enjoy. :)

Don't kill yourself laughing at me :) I was a pompous, naive, bad writer of a twelve year old.

My first vignette:

I was walking outside with my dogs when I heard my neighbor's voice calling hers. The black dog that is too fat for his size had gotten out of the fenced in yard when his owner tried to get her children into the car. My neighbor, a woman at least 200 pounds overweight, screamed at her malnourished children to catch the dog because she was too busy sitting in the car to get him herself. When the skinny little girls and boys finally caught the dog, she yelled at them for pulling on his collar. What a bitch.

After they left, I noticed that their back gate was standing wide open.


a few quotes from Wicked, by Gregory Maguire:

"I certainly will not touch you," he said, managing to say many things at once.

"Oh yes, don't you know that distinction? Tribal mothers always tell their children that there are two kinds of anger: hot and cold. Boys and girls experience both, but as they grow up the angers separate according to the sex. Boys need hot anger to survive. They need the inclination to fight, the drive to sink the knife into the flesh, the energy and initiative of fury. It's a requirement of hunting, of defense, of pride. Maybe of sex, too.

And girls need cold anger. They need the cold simmer, the ceaseless grudge, the talent to avoid forgiveness, the sidestepping of compromise. They need to know when they say something that they will never back down, ever, ever. It's the compensation for a more limited scope in the world. Cross a man and you struggle, one of you wins, you adjust and go on--or you lie there dead. Cross a woman and the universe is changed, once again, for cold anger requires an eternal vigilance in all matters of slight and offense."


Further commentary on the last post will follow at a time when I am feeling more eloquent in my expressions...or when I just get so pissed off I can't refrain.

For now...

I just finished watching Michael Moore's The Big One. I didn't think I'd like him at all...he always comes across as so liberal he can't think straight, and i just didn't think I'd enjoy watching him. You know what? I was wrong. I'm not a Moore follower by any means, but he's got some good points. My favorite point in his movie, however, was simply the one where he did a book signing at Library Ltd in St. Louis. Woo Hoo! That's my old bookstore. Obviously, I was still in high school when he made the film, so I wasn't working there yet, but still, it was cool to see it on film. Yay for great bookstores!
What the hell is wrong with the friggin people in this world?!?




Words of wisdom:

A friend of mine was talking to a much wiser Christian woman about the guys she liked. She thought some of the men were beyond her in spiritual purity, and mentioned how she was often attracted to the "sarcastic piles of crap" kind of men.

The woman replied, "Well they're all piles of crap, some of them just know the Lord."

Yet another reason that every young woman should befriend an older wiser woman. :)
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