Not an Uncommon Church Issue

I watch 20/20 on hulu. I almost hate to admit it, but it's a guilty pleasure left over my childhood and time with my mom. The April 8 episode features a girl who was raped and then instructed by her radical fundamentalist church to forgive and forget, to the point where she was basically told it was all her fault and she needed to repent for HER sins. To the point where she didn't turn him in or press charges. This young woman spent her life thinking she did everything wrong and that this guy did nothing wrong. She spent her life thinking she couldn't turn to God or anyone else for help. She was actually told she was lucky that she didn't live in old times because she would have been stoned. She was FIFTEEN when it happened. NO matter her age, This is NOT okay. This is NOT uncommon. This is actually a story I've heard time and time again from fundamentalist evangelical churches, particularly in the midwest. Incredibly sad. I'm livid, but I'm also happy to see this in mainstream media. I think people don't realize how powerful churches can be in the lives of young girls.

You can watch the 20/20 episode of her story here:

The news story hit papers in 2010:


What I Want

I watch the show Parenthood regularly. One of the things I always envy is how there are so many siblings who love each other and are there for each other through their lives. It makes me want more than 2 kids...even though I feel like 2 is probably the responsible number.

But this...this got me. In the last episode, the oldest of the children, a high school senior, was in a car accident.

This is the next scene. Watch the first 3 minutes.

Parenthood - Watch the First Three Minutes

This. This is what I want.

Not the car wreck, you idiots. The massive support.