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On June 4, 2005, a young midwestern gal will embark upon a journey that will mark the beginning of a new phase in her life. You have the ability to help send her on this journey. Contributions are recognized according to the sponsorship levels below.

Muscle (Moving Help on Either End):
Mention on "Entertain A Mandy"
Sincere Thank You
Pictures of Recipient's New Home
Drink of donor's choice

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Mention on "Entertain A Mandy"
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Pictures of Recipient's New Home

Envelope Licker (Good Wishes or Happy Thoughts):
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Mail Carrier ($10-$99):
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UPS Guy ($100-$499):
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Invitation to Housewarming

Fed Ex Guy ($500-$999):
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Pictures of Recipient's New Home
Drink of Donor's Choice
Invitation to Housewarming
Invitation to select events
Home-Cooked Dinner

Mover ($1,000-$999,999):
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Pictures of Recipient's New Home
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Outstanding invitation
Home-Cooked Dinner of Donor's Choice

Home Buyer ($1,000,000 and up, or a San Francisco home):
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Outstanding Invitation
Monthly Home-Cooked Dinner of Donor's Choice
Prompt Proposal of Marriage
Beautiful Wealthy Children (Custody Shared with Recipient)

Contributions accepted via check, money order, cash, and paypal. In special cases, food or alcohol will be considered.


Janet is a ROCK STAR


look down the page for the picture of the cute short-haired chick with Josh Gracin


Tribute to Aging Gracefully

Alias made a fantastic decision to bring back my favorite character.

So I think I developed a tiny bit of a girl crush on Lena Olin when I first saw her in Unbearable Lightness of Being (which is sexier by far than any porn flick).

I can only hope to be so sexy when I'm fifty.


I Didn't Sign Up For This

When did I become an accountant?

Life in Missouri

"It is as if we somehow need to constantly create a group who is other than ourselves. Life here in the Midwest is so different from life in most parts of the world in that we have very little diversity. I was amazed to learn when I arrived here in 1991 that there had very recently been a Klu Klux Klan meeting at a local park. How, I wondered, can you manage to become a racist when you hardly ever meet anyone of another race around here?" -Dr. Roger Ray

Open Minds

"In the mid 1980's when Tibet’s Dalai Lama first began coming to the United States to speak he was being questioned by a group of reporters and the issue of homosexuality came up. In answer to their question the Dalai Lama began to repeat Buddhist condemnations of same sex relationships and then, right in the middle of a sentence, he stopped, thought for a moment and then began speaking again, 'If the two people have taken no vows of chastity, and neither is harmed, why should it not be acceptable?'

In one sentence he reversed a thousand years of Buddhist teaching and tradition. This is such an important thing to be able to do. He was able to see that an old prejudice which may have served to strengthen society in one age was a threat to spiritual health, to justice, to kindness in this age. " -Dr. Roger Ray


Literal Interpretations

"If you are settling in for an evening of TV viewing this evening, and you watch, say, for example, a football game (Raiders by 6), then the evening news and end up your evening watching an old re-run of Andy Griffeth show you would know automatically that you would not watch these three programs in exactly the same way. The evening news at least attempts to be an objective telling of what actually happened in the world today. The football game, while it is broadcast live and it is really taking place somewhere, you know that it is not the same as news about the conflict in Afghanistan.... they are chasing and hitting each other but you know that it is all a game.

"Finally, you watch the characters in the black and white world of Mayberry in quite a different way. You know that there is no and never has been a Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney, just like there was never a sweet little southern town where everyone was white and no real crimes were ever committed. But you don’t get upset and yell at the TV that it is all lies! You understand that even though it is a fictional story that it still often has a moral point and that in fact you have known people in law enforcement who acted an awful lot like Barney and we all long for that widowed relative who cooks, cleans and runs the house for you like Aunt Bea to come live with you.

"TV belongs to our culture and we know how to watch different programs with an appropriate understanding and appreciation of what a sit com has to offer, which news stations are the most believable and what the difference between sci fi and docudrama is.

"Understanding the Bible requires that we read its different books in the way that the culture which created those books meant for them to be read. If someone watches Mayberry re-runs a thousand years from now and insists that everyone either see them as film documentation of real life in an American small town then we would call that person..... a fundamentalist. I trust that you understand what I am saying.The Bible contains, songs, poetry, philosophy, sermons, history and it contains stories.... stories which are intended to teach a moral lesson. These teaching stories, parables, are among the richest and most helpful passages we find in the sacred writings." - Dr. Roger Ray

Galileo had an interesting theory about how the Bible should be read. He believed the Bible was a book meant to explain the soul. God gave us our senses and our mental capacities to observe and understand science. He gave us the Bible to understand the soul. Therefore, things in the Bible that refer to science, such as the day the sun stopped in the middle of the sky, or references to the sun orbiting the Earth, are all to be taken metaphorically. God gave us senses to observe these, therefore when He talks of them in the Bible he is simply using them as demonstration. Because our senses can't observe the soul, though, everything God says about the soul and salvation in the Bible should be taken literally. Interesting thought.

I don't know if that's clear cut, but I agree with Dr. Ray. Every book of the Bible had a particular context in which it was meant to be read. Given that we're coming in way after the fact (much as someone a hundred years from now might be coming on Andy Griffith), we have to look back and learn how to read those books. We can't just read them all the same way. So really, in the whole Literal vs. Metaphorical interpretation of the Bible, both sides are wrong. I like that idea :)



Why can't a break-up just be because two people couldn't make it work? Why, after all the analysis and all the post break-up talk, do guys have to go back and decide that it's all a big angry fiasco? Why do they have to come back, after admitting all the awful things they did, and blame it all on you to make themselves feel better? Why do they have to continue to cast blame and delude themselves about what happened? Why can't it just be okay?

I thought the heartbreak was over. I thought we could move on. Why does it have to get ugly? Why now?

A wise person recently pointed out to me that if you care enough about someone, and get along well enough to date for some time, you should at least be able to be friends if it doesn't work out. Why would you limit that person to just dating? Why can't you take that caring relationship to friends? Why do you have to hate someone just because they don't belong to you? Why do you have to start hating them the second you can't control them? Why must you KEEP trying to control them?

You think someone loves you, and then you find that their love only extends so far as their possession of you.

I love you, darlin, I always will. I'd love to be friends with you. But guess what...no man has ever owned me. No man ever will. And most of those who've tried to control me have gotten hurt. I'm sure you can attest to that.

The Wisdom of Karaoke Hosts

On the desire to make a moment last forever:

It's like a song:
I can hold a note forever,
but eventually that's just noise.
It's the change we're listening for--
the note coming after,
and the one after that.
That's what makes the music.

~Lorne, from Angel


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

But who wants a gentleman, really?

I'm a brunette now! Pictures will follow when I can get them. :)

This is one of the main colors the stylist used: http://www.mothernature.com/shop/detail.cfm/sku/88523


It's Official!

Starting on June 4, I will be a resident of San Francisco, CA!

I've accepted a position with a community foundation and working part-time as a nanny, and will be moving to the city so very soon!

Officially moving to SF! Read about my beautiful new city!

Help for the Weary

The mother of one of the children we serve here at Happy Camper could use a bit of a boost. In order to properly care for her daughter, who has spent the last two years in and out of treatment facilities, she has resigned from her job. For the first time in over 20 years, she'll be a stay at home mom. In order to supplement her income, she has taken on a part time position from home with The Pampered Chef. If you're into cooking (or eating, for that matter) take a look at the website. It doesn't take long, and you might find something you were gonna go out and buy anyway. If you DO find something, please let me know so that you can purchase it through the mother. Seriously, if you're going to need something anyway, you might as well help people while you're at it.


Thanks for taking a gander!


Missouri Approves Vaccine Mercury Ban

Missouri is (incredibly) one of the first states to pass a bill limiting the amount of mercury in vaccines given to children! Mercury in vaccines has been linked to the rising incidence rate of autism. Although research has not proven a causal relationship, the circumstantial evidence is strong enough that many parents have stopped getting vaccinations for their children. Petitions to increase vaccinations rates in many states have led to public debates throughout the country. As one of 4 major hubs for autism treatment (the others are LA, Princeton, and Minneapolis), St. Louis has long been at the center of these debates. After Gov. Schwarzenegger passed a bill in California to limit mercury in vaccines starting in June 2006 (current vaccines must be used before new ones can be made), St. Louis parents set out to make Missouri follow suit.

The Missouri House and Senate have both passed the bill, and it will now go to Governor Matt Blunt for approval. Given the recent outrage over Blunt's budget cuts for the First Steps autism program and the subsequent reversal of that decision, he is eager to sign the new bill into law. The bill limits the mercury-free requirement only to those under three, which would not cover children getting their first vaccinations before entering school. Many advocates argue that Blunt's push for this limitation counters the purpose of the bill to lower rates of autism across the board. However, most cases of autism start between the ages of 2 and 4--just after that first round of vaccinations. Even though the bill doesn't cover all vaccines, it will greatly limit the number of children in the autism onset range who will be exposed to possible mercury contamination. Regardless, this is a HUGE step for Missouri legislature, and it demonstrates the power that parents and advocacy groups can have over the future of our children.

While the cause of autism remains a mystery, research is producing more results than ever and several methods of treatment have shown drastic improvements.

You can help by raising funds and awareness in your community through Walk Far for N.A.A.R.!


Steamy Time Travel

Having a roommate that spends every day learning about the new books on the market has its advantages.

Apparently there's an erotica series in which the character travels through time to have passionate affairs with people in different eras.

And the woman's name, of course, is Monica :)


Borrowed DVDs

Who has my copies of Bandits and Oceans Eleven?

Not super important, granted, but I'd like to have everything back before I move. Let me know :)

Another Fun-Filled Weekend

So this weekend I got to hang out in Kansas City. Not that KC is the most fun place to hang out, but it was a fabulous weekend with great people and good entertainment. It's gonna be so difficult to actually get through five days of work now. :)

Saturday night was Chuck's bday. Being the RPG'er that he is, he asked that we have a 20s gangster themed party. We all showed up at a little Italian dive dressed as mobsters and flappers. Tres sexy. After dinner at a long table with Chuck and Corey guarding the ends (looking hot as always, boys :)) we headed over to Martha's for some tonics and dancing. Despite the normal crowd, Saturday night there were plenty of cute straight guys to go around. :) Made for a very interesting night with us girls in our short little dresses and strings of pearls.

Afterward, we made it back to the soon to be lonely apartment to watch Chicago and play a game of Cranium. I've never played with such a big group of nerds (myself included). The game goes by pretty dern quickly when everyone is either a trivial pursuit guru or a theater major. We got a few great sensasketch prints for the fridge :) Anyone else wanna help decorate?


Gotta Get Ba-a-ack to My City by the Bay

Had an amazing weekend in San Francisco! Can't believe I have to be back here at work already. Can't wait to head back out that way again. Don't want to jinx anything, but things are looking good. Keep fingers crossed for me!