Back MRI

Hey friends, I'm reaching out again about my back. I got the MRI, and it turns out it isn't just muscle spasms. I have both a torn disk and a disc extrusion. Apparently the extrusion is probably what's causing all the pain. At the moment the plan is to continue physical therapy and see a spine specialist when she gets back after the holidays.

I'm reaching out because I'm just feeling really hopeless. I spent 2 years dealing with and never quite fully recovering from one life changing injury and now this. It kinda feels like a life sentence, and I just think I want to hear inspirational awesome stories from people I know so I can believe that I will play basketball and salsa dance and snowboard and do all the things that make me me again. Greatly appreciate your prior support and could use some hope today.


Back Pain

Okay world, I need some advice. I have a back spasm that has been in pretty much an acute state for 2 weeks now. I'm in extraordinary pain. Physical therapy can't do much because the pain won't let me do the exercises. They are doing an MRI next week. Major pain killers and muscle relaxers don't help. The only thing that seems to is lying on the floor with my legs up on a chair. Anyone have any tips?