Thoughts on Palin's Wardrobe Malfunction

SF Gate reports on Sarah Palin's acceptance of campaign money for clothing:
Receiving more than $150,000 in clothing and accessories from the Republican National Committee last month doesn't just run counter to Gov. Sarah Palin's image as a "Wal-Mart Mom from Wasilla," it also might have violated the spirit if not the letter of a campaign finance law co-authored by her running mate, Sen. John McCain.
Here's the thing - I don't even mind that they used public money to buy her clothes if they are going to donate it all afterward (particularly if they are smart and auction it off for cash for charities rather than give it to good will or something). $150k is a bit excessive, but whatever - I can even deal with that.

What I can't deal with is where she shopped.

First of all, shopping at Neiman is not a responsible use of public money. Things cost more at Neiman because it's Neiman. Deign yourself to go Macys. I'm sure you can find some amazing and very expensive designer duds there.

Second, she preaches small town love and then shops at Neiman and Saks. My family, all small townish, wouldn't even feel comfortable walking into a Neiman or a Saks. I remember the first time I walked into a Nordstrom. I felt terribly underdressed in my jeans and definitely didn't think I belonged. And that was just Nordstrom! Neiman and Saks are symbols of the elite. They are symbols of wealth. They are NOT symbols of "Real America".

I'll admit, Palin looks amazing. But she's definitely not a symbol of small-town America.

I wonder how the other hockey moms Wasila dress?

Someone's PR rep should not be getting rehired.


A Must for Every Woman

I received another letter from a website today informing me that my order could not be processed. The account number thief's choice this time? Luma Tweeze.

Yes, you can own your very own magnified and lighted set of tweezers for just $23.75 total. I almost feel guilty that my account thief is missing out on this amazing prodct.


Blonde Ambitions

Oh this is a good one:

BRIDGEPORT -- A Stratford woman is seeing red after learning that blondes don't always have more fun.

Charlotte Feeney filed suit against the cosmetics firm L'Oreal Inc. after apparently grabbing the wrong tube of hair color and dyeing her "naturally blond" hair a dark brown.

But Superior Court Judge Richard Gilardi on Monday brushed off Feeney's lawsuit.

Gilardi ruled that Feeney had presented no evidence supporting her claim of negligence against the hair care company. "The plaintiff submitted no facts, no opinions and no standards to substantiate either of the allegations," he stated.

Feeney's lawyer, David Laudano, said he hadn't seen the judge's decision and couldn't comment. Feeney could not be reached for comment.

According to the lawsuit, Feeney on Aug. 27, 2003, purchased a tube of L'Oreal permanent hair color from a local supermarket to touch up her naturally blond hair.

A friend was applying the hair color when Feeney realized that her tresses had been transformed to a dark brown, the lawsuit states. She tried to return her hair to its natural color but it remains brown, according to the suit.

"I was mentally and physically in shock," Feeney states in court documents. "I was sick to my stomach, I had headaches, I don't like myself, I stay home more than ever in my life, I wear hats most of the time," she states.

Feeney said she ended up going to the doctor for anxiety and was put on medications for depression.

"I can never go back to my natural blonde hair," she complains. "I feel fake about that. Also blondes do get more attention than brunettes, of course, emotionally, I miss that."

Feeney charged in her lawsuit that a brown hair coloring was somehow put in a box for blonde hair and that the hair coloring industry has a legal obligation to put a warning on every box of hair dye that the color inside the tube may not be the same color as the label.

L'Oreal, in court papers filed in the case, disputed Feeney's claim that the wrong color was in the box of hair dye she had purchased. The firm also contended if she did pick out brown dye instead of blonde she should have realized her mistake if she had followed the directions on the package to first do a strand test.

found at myway.com


Bonus Points

woot.com had a tv up for sale tonight

bonus points to whoever can tell me what movie is playing in the picture of the television

hint: it's set in my favorite city!


The Moment I KNEW

When you date someone for a long time, you have a lot of moments when you think you know that person is the one, and a lot of moments of uncertainty. This moment that has just passed will forever go down in history as THE moment when I KNEW without a doubt that Pete is THE guy:

I wrote a comment on facebook, and after responding, Pete emailed me privately:

from: Pete
to: Monika
date: Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 11:42 AM
you censored "dumbass"?


God I love this man.