Kiefer Sutherland REALLY needs to take his daughter to Silver Dollar City. And they need to go through the cave. And he needs to fall madly in love with the photographer. Only if I'm the photographer that day, of course. Also, someone needs to award FX for fine programming decisions with their "24 hours of 24" thing they've got going. I only watched the last episode, seeing as it was the only episode I missed during the first run. I don't think I could handle that much Kiefer, anyway. It's torture, really, seeing him all hurt up their on screen and not being able to kiss him better. I mean, really, I could do it so much better than that wimpy Kate Warner. I bought the DVD of Desert Saints even though I'd never heard of it because it was on sale for $4 and had Kiefer in it. Damn, he's perfect. Sexy and nice and tough and bad in all the good ways. Now that I've fucked up every opportunity I've had for a love life here, I really need that fantasy. Thank God 24 starts again soon.

A little Silver Dollar City-all girls in the darkroom cause the cave is flooded humor:
While enjoying our Dark Angel marathon (and getting paid for it), I apparently comment wayyyy too much on the sexiness of Logan Cale. The girls tell me I need to get laid. Michelle says I'm sick and I need a shot of penis-cillin. She then goes on to explain, "My brother, I mean my husband..." Freudian slip, Michelle?

Okay, my book reccommendation for the month of August: Truman by David McCullough. It's FABULOUS. Seriously...even if you're not into history, or biographies, or old people, or anything other than People Magazine...you'll like it. It's an incredible book. Go read it. If you have a long commute to work, go pick up the audio from the library and listen to that. (hint: that's shorter, too)

If you're into suspenseful thrillers, government conspiracy, or adventure romance with a hint of psychosis, pick up Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz. It's actually pretty good, pretty involved...it exposes some things that are actually happening in the government, but takes them to extremes so that he could fit it all into a nice little package of fiction. It's not a literary masterpiece or anything, but I definitely got into it, read it quickly, and experienced some major concept appearance in the dream world. It's worth the few hours it'll take you to read it. Don't blame me for any nightmares about government conspiracies to end the problem with the circulation of pennies by taking out the Chinese and restocking the federal reserve.

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