Last night I came home to sleep and relax and stuff, but Ashley (Jordan's roommate) called and asked me (please please please pleeeeeaaaaase) to come up and hang out b/c she'd just finished a big final for massage school. I said yes, of course, and there went my stay at home night.

I stopped to get wine and beer to enjoy with the other of age people who would be there and was told that Brown Derby (the big liquor store around here) doesn't accept passports as ID. Luckily, the guy said he "wasn't gonna ask, darlin." Called Brown Derby wine center to see if I left my ID there when I was distracted by sexy clerk named Brandon. Sexy Brandon answered phone, but, alas, no ID. Guess I'll have to actually pay for a new one. Damn, and I liked that picture.

Ashley's older brother Josh was there and very drunk and/or high. Very amusing to watch and listen to. Very NOT sexy, though, so when he asked if I wanted to hook up, my no came out a little harsher than meant. The fact that he won't remember that and probably didn't give a fuck anyway eases my guilt.

Sarah played one of her songs...she's really friggin good. I'm soooo excited about her possibly playing at Relay. People will LOVE her!!! She's great. Called Vegas John to confirm rumors that Kevin Smith is making the next Scary Movie. Rumors were refuted. Met Laurie, who is now working with Martha Grace, the girl I will hopefully be working with after my interview tomorrow. She's really sweet. She brought a guy with her (Chris) who kept trying to tell me about ABA and what I could and couldn't do. I asked him what his major was, to make sure I didn't step on any toes. When he told me marketing, I decided not to let him interrupt me anymore. He was kind of a jerk to Jordan, and the total pissed me off. I think he's Laurie's boyfriend, though, so he must be nice some of the time. Maybe I'll see a better side in the future. Maybe it'll just take more beer.

A couple hours into the night I was feeling a bit down, very contemplative, when Jordan told me she was going to bed. I didn't feel like sticking around with Chris dominating the conversation, and I had a lot on my mind, so I decided to drive home. Probably not the most intelligent thing I've ever done. I got home and passed out after much uninhibited dialing. Thank God nobody answered. Then again, dammit to hell. People should answer their phones. Oh well.

Woke up today and still felt a bit down. Haven't really talked to anyone, though, so the Emmys and my cats helped me ignore stuff I should have been writing and figuring out. Amy IMed me, and out of nowhere I decided to discuss. She fucking rules. I just have to say that again. Amy fucking rules. I feel a lot better knowing that I have someone who loves me so unconditionally like that...even when she knows me so well. Also put some perspective on stuff...things aren't all that big of a deal. My emotions are often so fleeting, I need to pay a great deal of them much less attention. Still have some stuff to work on, but am not all torn up about it. Not as much, anyway.

Now I'm off to bed. Interview tomorrow, then some Johnny Depp on the big screen therapy. Mmmmm.

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