A few differences between the Ozarks and everywhere else concerning Asian food:

In the Ozarks...

...you have to ask for chopsticks, and you'll be the only one using them.
...Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai are all the same thing, served at the same restaurants, by thesame people.
...all the waitresses are white, only the cooks, and occasionally the owners are actually Asian.
...everyone who is Asian is "Chinese"
...a Chinese restaurant without a buffet requires a jacket and tie and is a place you go for that pre-prom meal.
...it's not so much orange chicken, as chicken in orange gelatin.
...it's not so much sauce as it is thick country gravy.
...all Chinese restaurants have Friday night crab legs. The "good" places have King crab legs.
...Chinese restaurants have some knd of smoked sausage or steak in the buffet, thrown in for good measure.
...Chinese restaurants are fast food joints, Japanese steak houses, that may or may not have sushi, are the nice elegant places.
...Chinese restaurants seem to have stopped serving fortune cookies.
...you will NEVER see a Chinese person EATING at a Chinese restaurant. Oh wait...you'll never see a Chinese person that's not cooking. Hmmm.

Yep. Gotta get out of here.

Are there Chinese restaurants in Germany? Good ones, ya think?

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