Perfect day on Wednesday. Went home at noon due to lack of oxygen in the cave. Sat in park reading, and then swung on swings in favorite flowy skirt. Yesterday saw two bats mating in the cave. Interesting noises they make, these bats. Today found out I'd be working with exec director's daughter for the clinic. Tres excited. Joan of Arcadia was good, Miss Match was lacking. Coupling yesterday was somewhat disappointing. Definitely won't keep me watching. How sad. Bob on The Bachelor Wednesday was worth watching. Seems it will be a dramatic, and oh so real, of course, season. Must indulge myself in a little soap opera drama. Off to bed now.

Ohhh...don't read Dean Koontz's One Door Away From Heaven. Fabulous read, but too quick and neat of an ending. Very Full-Houseish.

Mandy reunion less than a week away!

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