Poker Goddess

Okay, so maybe not, but I did get interviewed for a chick poker website. Wanna see?

You'd think I'd been around for years, right?

Well, actually, I played in my first big online tournament yesterday. 1188 people to start. My goal was to come in top 400.
Guess what? I placed 63rd. Rockstar.

Rainy Days & Mondays

On this now nice but previously disgusting rainy day in SF, I am reminded how lucky I am to have a nice, understanding boyfriend.

My first driving experience in San Francisco, back in June, was horrific. I was not used to city driving, I was in a new car, AND it was raining. SF drivers aren't so great to begin with...partly because they are not everyday drivers, partly because of all the pedestrians, and partly just because of the urban impatience factor. But on rainy days, they rival first-time Mario-Karters.

That, and my intense fear of hitting some poor sap whose shoes couldn't stick to the sidewalk in all this water, led me to stay in this morning, after telling Pete I'd drive him to work. I made my tired boyfriend walk to the bus in the rain and deal with the motion sickness that evil muni drivers like to spread because I'm scared of the combination of this city, a motored vehicle, and wet roads.

I'm amazed he didn't break up with me on the spot.


My New Hero

Willie Nelson is no stranger to scandal. In the past couple of years, though, he has come back out of the hole he dug with his tax evasion issues to claim the spot he rightly owns on the short list of true country legends. With the death of Johnny Cash, Nelson is one of the few greats still recording music. He secured his spot by releasing duets performed with modern country stars, and then tested his stamina by offering a recording for the soundtrack to "Brokeback Mountain".

Well, Willie just couldn't restrain himself. He has now pushed the limit, and in my book, that makes him a hero.

Nelson just released a song about cowboys and homosexuality.

Too bad the Nelson fans out there are all gonna freak.

Part of me wants to send the article to my father, but I don't think I want to be responsible for his next heart attack.


F Words

Things the "F" could stand for:

As Pete said in his comment, this seems most likely. I've got a weird bug that leaves me absolutely exhausted, sore like I worked out too hard, and a slight bit nauseous. it seems to be going around the house, so I'm going to assume it's a bit of a flu. Blah. Almost beter, though.

Fantastic Boyfriend:
My boyfriend is amazing. He takes such great care of me when I'm sick and makes my jaw lock in constant "awwww"s at how sweet he really is.

Huge effort (perhaps a bettter one after the flu is gone) to get fit and make my fat go away. And it's gonna work, dammit.

Cleaning frenzy, that is. Pete and I cleaned his kitchen Sunday. It's such a cute little kitchen when it's not messy! :)

Corey is foolish for using "Frisco" in his alliteration. Watch out, babe. Emperor Norton's ghost will find you and fine you!

First Place:
In my first ever poker tournament (online and with play money :)), I won first place. Yay for me!

or, it could just mean FUCK.



I'm not a superstitious person

but I just lifted my bag and on the floor underneath was a big capital F made out of paper. Granted, when I picked it up and turned it over it was the remaining portion of the cardboard tape container, but it's still a big giant F, right side up and everything, just for me.

Should I be wondering what this means?