Smiley Bits 11.21.13

The families from Honey Boo Boo and Cake Boss went on Family Feud. Some lovely person put it up on youtube. My day is made.



Slow Dancing

Going through old papers buried in my mom's house today. Found this quote:

"What if more of life could be like that? Like the last slow dance, where, to echo T.S. Eliot, a lifetime burns in every moment."
~Alice Steinbach


Smiley Bits 11.13.13

There's nothing better than sitting in a bar with people you love, knowing that the night is winding down, and looking up to see someone else you love randomly walk in and start a new part of your night. Small world awesomeness.


SmileyBits 11.2.2013

I've noticed a lot of people posting what they are thankful for this month, and I haven't been feeling very appreciative lately, so I thought I'd resurrect the SmileyBits. I might be stretching for a bit, but I'm hoping this can help me - so here goes:

1. I have such loving family in Germany who are always happy to go out of their way to take care of me.
2. My trip to Berlin led me to some unexpected quality time with a friend.
3. In the past, I would have flown back on Sunday to give me more time on my trip, and I would have panicked and felt overwhelmed all week. Fortunately, I have learned to fly home on Friday.