"I can't believe I actually convinced myself that my dream guy was (insert former dream guy's name here)! The state should take away my vagina."

"I'd like to meet that repo man."

From Good Morning Miami

Monday night I met with the cave kids to eat pizza and go putt putt golfing. It's weird sharing lude comments with people you know are bosses and high school teachers during the day. I was an obstacle. Then I was a fountain. It's difficult to balance on one leg while swinging a golf club like a pendulum over the hole and shooting water out of your mouth. We almost got into trouble. Silly crabby course owners.

While we were waiting for the old folks :) to finish, I decided I wanted to put red streaks in my hair. So Jordan did it last night. It's subtly done, but a dramatic red. Not exactly what I was going for, but fun nonetheless.

I'm sooooo grateful I've made friends with Jordan and her friends. These are some truly great people. Lucky me.


The little girl I just started working with is wonderful. Her mom is super cool I'm having such a great time and can't wait to start doing more work with others. YAY!

I need to sleep as I have a long day involving all three jobs ahead. Barnes & Noble in the morning, finalizing the end of my employment with Silver Dollar City by turning in those nasty uniforms, and training for the Nova center job. And then St. Louis for the Mandy Reunion on Thursday!!!!

For the St. Louis folk that actually read this: We're having a party this weekend at Meesh's. Becky should be sending out emails. If you don't get one, you're not invited. Just kidding :) if you don't get an email soon, give one of us a call to get the time. Prolly Saturday night, though. Can't wait to see you all!!!!!

just in case...if anyone wants a mandy tshirt, we have some extras for sale :) Tshirt companies apparently only do a minimum of 12 shirts per order. Which doesn't work for 6 girls. :)

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