Horse Racing Injuries Making the News

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an article today about renewed interest in the lack of safety in horse racing. What was most interesting to me about this article is that nobody seems to be saying "don't race" as an absolute must, they just seem to be proposing stipulations. (Actually, rather smartly, I think, PETA is saying don't race, but is recognizing that's not going to happen and proposing reasonable reforms instead.) I guess making it safer to race might make me feel better about it, but it would really have to change the death and injury count quite a bit. These are PETA's proposed changes:

Newkirk, in a letter to the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority (KHRA), urged regulations that were described as a "bare minimum for horse safety."

•Thoroughbreds under the age of 3 should not be permitted to race.

•Synthetic surfaces or turf — which result in fewer injuries — should be mandated at all race courses.

•Whipping should be banned.

I guess even the PETA understands that most people like to indulge in $1 beers, $1 hot dogs, and cheezy cover bands once in awhile.


Kentucky Derby Day

Pete and I walked down Polk tonight and found ourselves in the midst of a giant Kentucky Derby party with lots of women in dresses and big hats. I felt a little sad knowing that my newly discovered feelings about racing wouldn't let me participate. Then they wouldn't move out of the way and I had to barrel through their drunk asses.

But then we got home and Pete opened the Drudge Report. I don't feel bad about missing those parties anymore. Another horse down. RIP Eight Belles.