When one starts to believe all things are finite, amusement parks serve as wonderful reminders of infinity. There is absolutely no limit to how stupid people can be after they have paid $50 to travel back to the 1800's in the Ozarks. The atmosphere must take away common sense, because all kinds of weird things start happening:
Claustrophobic people go on hour-long cave tours and have to call first aid to take them out when they have a panic attack.
Grown adults believe tour guides who are being silly when told there are purple cave elephants.
Forty year old women wear stilleto heels in a cave with over 700 stairs that goes up and down 500 feet. Not to mention the fact that they wore the heels to the amusement park in the first place.
People come into the 54 degree cave immediately after getting completely soaked on a water ride.
Photographers give up on getting a camera to work because they don't know how to read a manual to find out that they need to flip the focus to manual rather than automatic.


It was a long day, folks. Yep, I say folks now. I'm gettin' the Silver Dollar City dialect going pretty strong.

Bats are incredibly cute, by the way. They really do look like tiny little furry chicken nuggets. The ones in our cave are about half the size of a baseball. Super cute.

On a more positive note, tomorrow is my last day of work for a week. I'm headed to KC tomorrow night to hang out, then pick up a friend to come down here and party for a week. Fun times will be had by all.

Also, I've been checking out schools for organizational psych...some of the best programs are at NYU, Tulane, and University of South Fla. How great is my luck? Sadly, no good ones out in Cali, but that's alright. I'll head back that way eventually.

Alright, off to bed for me...11 hour work shift, 3 hour drive, and lots of cleaning to do tomorrow. Fun fun.

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