True or False...I miss my MANDYS?

So True. Especially when I get to watch Will & Grace reruns featuring Madonna and American Idol intro music. Oh waaooowaaaaoooooooo!

So I went to Barnes and Noble today for my shelving job that was only supposed to go to 11:30am but was asked to stay until 4pm. My boss called me back in the office for a conversation where I thought I was going to be told something I had been doing wrong. Although she did ask me about the incredibly slow job of shelving we all did this morning, she also told me she'd like to put me on the fast track to lead. That's not all that big of a deal, but it's my fourth day. Yay for me.

Considering the amount of debt I have left to pay and the situation at B&N, it looks like I might stick around here a few more months before I head off to Germany. I really want to go over there with no debt left here at all. I've already cut my debt by $2500. I'm doing really well, and I'd like to keep it up while I can so that when I get back from Germany I can start life without worrying about old credit cards and such. Also, Germany sounds much more fun if I'm not sending every paycheck back to the states to pay interest on some car repair I made freshman year. It's going to take a bit more work to fight for my dual citizenship, or work permit if I can't get that, anyway.

Karma taught me a lesson yesterday. Bored and waiting for Mom to go to bed so that I could have the couch and watch the end of the Cubs-Cards game, I dangled stuff over the couch so that Mallory would drive Mom crazy enough to finally leave the living room by jumping after it. I thought it was really funny when Mallory jumped so hard she fell off the couch. I laughed. A lot. I did not, however, think it was the least bit funny when Mallory jumped to get the phone cord dangling by my head and landed on my face with her claws out. My nose is disfigured for life. Or a few days anyway. Seriously, though...the kittens weigh less than the rats in my psych lab did, but when they fly at your face with those daggers curled into your skin, it hurts like a bitch.

My friend Paul in California finally posted some of his photography online. Take a minute and check it out!

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