So the people at the German-American Chamber of Commerce don't return phone calls. Alas, I shall have to drive up to the consulate in Chicago soon. Yeah, like I need an excuse for another trip to Chicago.

Started my first day at good ol' B&N today. Seems very cool...lots of cool people, some great ones my age...plus MAJOR benefits. We're talkin' book discounts, half off in the cafe (and yes, the B&N here has Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and hand-dipped ice cream!), working on my own time without a boss over my shoulder...great stuff.

Got my room a bit more organized, too. Can't figure out how to get all the stuff that used to be in my desk organized onto a large shelf, though. I have my priorities straight, however...all of my pictures are up and displayed, as are my books, of course. Can there be too many picture frames in one room? I seem to have collected quite a few over the years. Well, I guess that means the more fun times I get to display.

Tomko won his first game for the Cards at Busch tonight! Woo Hoo. Oh, and since y'all think Kiefer's too old for me, I've moved on to fresh meat. Bo Hart, the rookie second basemen for the birds, is my new love. But Kiefer will always have my heart *cough*libido*coughhackcough*.

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