I love days in the cave where I get to sit up in the darkroom and watch movies and get paid for it. This happened yesterday because there was so much bat guano on the pathways through the cave that they couldn't give tours. Because they were cleaning it and expecting to give tours later that day, I had to wait around for them to open the cave. This meant that I sat on the couches with Jordan and tour guides and other cave photo people, including my incredibly cool boss Shannon, watching Batman, Chicago, and other movies. All while getting paid. Rock on.

Today I had my first real day at B&N. It was nice...lots of shelving all morning. I love it. I love getting to shelve books. I'm a dork. I finally fixed my shelf in my room. You know, those little things that stick in the holes to hold the moveable shelves up do NOT come in standard sized. I had to drill bigger holes into my bookcase. The problem with that is that I don't own a drill. So really, I guess I screwdrivered bigger holes. Too bad that didn't have anything to do with vodka. I also had to cut part of the plastic off the little thingies b/c my shelf fits too tight to leave room for them on the side. You'd think they'd come that way, but no, it was left to me and my crappy scissors. Well, they're crappy now anyway.

On my break at B&N today I picked up a book in the lounge and started reading. I found out that any book in the lounge is free to take home. So I brought home, and already finished, the uncorrected proof copy of Boy Meets Girl, by Meg Cabot. It's fabulous. Definitely chick lit, but fabulous. If you liked Bridget Jones, you'll love it. It's completely made up of emails, company memos, recipes, voice mails, and journal entries. It's very very cool. Very funny. The IMs between the two female characters are so Mandy it hurts. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Anyway, it's not out yet, but it will be sometime soon. You all should check it out.

Okay, I'm off to find someone in St. Louis for Jordan to stay with this Saturday b/c she's going to the Radiohead concert there. If anyone reading this wants to offer a really cool person and her roommate a place to stay, let me know. :)

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