An evil migraine knocked me out of commission for the day and now I feel all lazy and unproductive. At least this gives me something to live for. :)

Yesterday we had another day of sitting up in the darkroom getting paid for no work for a couple of hours. It was completely made up for by the fact that the cave smelled like bat shit when we did finally go to work. Bat shit is an oddity, really. It smells like shit, but also smells a bit like ammonia. So really, it's a shitty clean smell. I guess you can't clean it up with bleach. That being toxic and all.

The bats being up and about does have its advantages, however. The cute little things were hanging all over the place, even in low passages the tours use all day. I walked through behind a tour and practically ran right into two of the little buggers. They were soooo damn cute. At the end of the day, loaded on honey sticks and so hyper my mom mistakenly thought I had finished her bottle of wine when I got home, I lagged behind a tour and decided to lightly touch one of the bats. They just kinda stretched and curled. Very cute. Very bad, so shhhhhh!

Mmmmmmm. Honey Sticks.

Big props to Triller the Thriller, by the way. She's hosting a friend of mine tonight. I LOVE YOU!!!! Friends rule.

Okay, now I sound like a 12 year old. Gotta love it.

My cats are psycho. That's all I'm going to say at the moment. They're just psycho.

Alright, thought train crashed and is scattered throughout the land. I'll report back when we've got it all back on the track headed to a point. Chill in the heatwave til then, folks.

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