SmileyBits Day 5

1. I got to spend the afternoon sitting on the sunny deck of Gold Coast watching skiers contemplate the Palisades. My rigorous research shows that for every 8 skiers who stand at the top of the Chimney whacking the cornice, 1 skier goes down National.

2. I enjoyed Gotye when I heard him on the radio, but after seeing him on SNL, I'm a new avid fan.

3. While at the sinks/mirror in the bathroom at Squaw, another tall chick asked me how tall I was and we started a conversation. She left before I did. When I returned to my friends, one of them was standing with her. Turned out that she had been staying in his ski lease and when she told him she met a super tall chick, he knew it was me. Such a small fun world.

4. I have a new celebrity crush: Geoff Stults. This doesn't happen very often for me, so we'll have to see if it sticks. Can't stop watching The Finder.

5. We took the long way home tonight.

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