SmileyBits Day 16

1. Women are finally starting to talk about how effing difficult it is to find clothes and shoes when you're tall with big feet.

2. The city was clearer than the East Bay today. Driving across the Bay Bridge into the city this morning, I was a little overwhelmed by how stunning the skyline was.

3. While sitting at Pyramid waiting for my Tahoe ride, a friend surprised me for a brief visit. Scared the bejeezus out of me when he sneaked up behind me, but was very nice to have the time.

4. Friends like Corey who are willing to take care of my sweet Sebastien when I change my plans suddenly.

5. After we got settled into the Tahoe house, LBK came upstairs to tell me there was a tarantula on the ceiling. I bravely, with her support, captured it in a glass. We've been naming them by their number in Spanish (first one was Uno, for example), and this one is Veintitres. I think he needs a Grande or something added, though. Effer is HUGE.

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