SmileyBits Day 10

1. I have a sunroof suntan. When I see the line of tan to white in the mirror, I can't help but laugh.

2. When I was in junior high I heard someone say the word "cacahuete." I thought this was the funniest thing ever and learned how to use it as much as possible. My first full sentence in Spanish was "you are a stupid peanut." (I was highly entertaining to myself at that age.)
Last night, while enjoying a lovely glass of sparking rose with a friend I never get to see, the bartender says loudly "Cacahuete!" out of nowhere. I almost spit out my drink, and then tell him that's MY word. :) We bond a bit, and before we leave, he comes over and says only "Cacahuete" and then walks by. Definitely a smiley moment.

3. Above mentioned sparkling rose. I have a think for sparkling rose.

4. At dinner in the east bay at a nice-ish restaurant, a tall woman in her late 50s or so caught my attention. She was standing outside the restaurant walking around, in a very fancy outfit (sparkly long gown with matching jacket - opera fancy) and very very tall heels and hair. She seemed like maybe she was drunk or got stood up, but she had obviously been very pretty in her day and was dressed for an occasion. We watched her while we ate our dinner, and then as we were leaving she came in and asked me about my height. The woman herself, her outfit, and the fact that I got the opportunity to meet her all made me smile.

5. Finally got to see Cabin in the Woods. Not AS good as I would have expected it to be, but definitely fun and worth the effort. Go see it.

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