SmileyBits Day 3

1. I have a cat that acts like a dog. Sebastien actually waits for me to get home, meows when I open my door, and runs to come hang out with me. A few minutes ago, he sat on the floor and yelled at me until I moved the multiple computers and books so he had room to jump up and join me.

2. Following #1, my ability to remember that he's just a cat, and he'll be fine on his own while I go about my life.

3. Arrowhead sparkling water. I think I may have a problem.

4. Mango curry chicken salad at Bistro 69.

5. Beautiful clear skies on a night when I thought I'd be facing driving through a blizzard. Thank you, rain/snow gods for this brief respite. You can start again when I'm safely in bed at, oh say, 2am.

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