Taking a break from cleaning my room to catch up a bit. I realized recently that I could change the date and time to make it look like I'm writing this as it happens, but ya know, that would just be dishonest. :)

Spent New Year's Eve out on my first trip to a gay bar with some boys from BN. It was fun, but definitely not the most condusive environment to me finding someone to kiss at midnight. Saw some people from high school...that's always interesting... "so, hi, long time no see...how are you? gay now? huh...good for you." Definitely an awkward situation. Not nearly as awkward as the situation my friend faced upon walking in when he saw his rabbi in the bar. I suppose the gay bar was worth the flowing fountains of champagne, though. And hey, now I can say I've been to one, and I've seen a drag show. Marked a couple more experiences off my list.

Last night I came home all excited to get packed to head for my trip to Memphis, but when I got home I found out my trip would be delayed because of an inescapable work meeting. I was pissed and upset and all emotional and stuff, so went out with plans to get sloshed with Jan. Went to Sir Greg's and actually paced myself enough that I wasn't drunk til the very end of the night, and not sloppily so. Tres proud of self. Scored a couple numbers and a plethora of free drinks. Got a call this morning asking if I wanna go out. How to explain that I don't date to someone I showed interest in when drunk? May go out for coffee, I suppose. Depends on the conversation we have when I call back. More to follow, then, I suppose.

Mandys site is coming soon!!!


ok, back to cleaning the room...
(car is clean, it's a miracle...would be a triple if room and house also get clean before I leave)

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