Book Review

Thought I'd briefly review some books from this past year's reading:

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber
bitchy chick lit. funny, and unique b/c it takes the perspective of the bitch, rather than the nice girl dealing with the bitch.

How to be Good...Nick Hornby
fiction. funny social commentary by high fidelity author

Leota's Garden...Francine Rivers
fiction. touching novel about love in rare forms

Contact...Carl Sagan
sci fi. Incredible book. So much better than the movie. MUST READ!

Straight Talking...Jane Green
chick lit. One of my favs from one of my fav authors. brit lit at its best

While I was Gone...Sue Miller
oprah type women's lit. lifetime made for tv movie style...forgettable

Boy Meets Girl...Meg Cabot
chick lit. v. funny. told through emails.

Fishbowl...Sarah Mlynowski
chick lit. funny, but forgettable

Corner of His Eye...Dean Koontz
thriller. typical Koontz with some pilosophy thrown in

Nanny Diaries
chick lit. v. hilar. must read for anyone who nannies or babysits.

Redeeming Love...Francine Rivers
romance. V. amazing book. retelling of the book of Hosea. MUST READ!!

One Door Away From Heaven...Dean Koontz
thriller. Koontz's page turning philosophical suspense

Homing...John Saul
horror. I got scared, but it's a bit cheesy and simple

Midwives...Chris Bojahlin
oprah type women's lit. not altogether amazing, but an important piece of literature involving the rights of women

High Maintenance...Jennifer Belle
chick lit. V. funny. V. true. forgettable read, though.

Cold Fires...Dean Koontz
thriller...typical Dean Koontz. always a page turner

Dark Rivers of the Heart...
Dean Koontz

Babyville...Jane Green
chick lit...not my fave Jane Green book, but still funny and touching

Journey...Danielle Steele
romance. ok, only read this b/c it was a book on tape and I was on a long road trip and got it cheap. Blech. She's not a good writer. Why does she get a mansion in San Fran and I don't? Dammit.

Gap Creek
oprah women's lit. love story I think. forgetable.

Trans-sister Radio...Chris Bojahlin
oprah women's lit. love story involving a transsexual. interesting, but depressing.

God is an Iron...Spider Robinson
sci fi stories. Good concepts, but he's no Bradbury.

Bookends...Jane Green
chick lit. fab funny touching chick lit from a fab funny insightful brit with great oneliners.

Hotel of Saints...Ursula Hegi
fiction. fab story of immigrants making and continuing a life in America. Beautiful novel.

Bad Heir Day...Wendy Holden
chick lit. forgettable

Lamb...Christopher Moore
fiction. the story of Christ's first 33 years as told by Bif, his childhood best friend. FABULOUS funny satire (without sacrilege, I think). MUST READ, but only for those who are not easily offended.

PS I Love You...Cecelia Ahern
chick lit. touching, funny, emotional novel about love, death, and moving on from 22 yr old irish lass

American Girls Series
kids books. fabulous historical fiction. great for little girls.

Slow Dancing on Dinosaur Bones
fiction. dark humor in a southern novel

To Have and to Hold...Jane Green
chick lit. sweet story, but my brit seems to be running out of wit

An Invisible Sign of My Own...aimee bender
fiction. FABULOUS story about numbers and love and self by an amazing and eccentric author

Obsessions...John Douglas
true crime. A look into the mind of serial killers. A barely healthy dose of spine-chilling reality.

Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals...Wendy Dell
travel narrative. V. hilar. lots of action and fabulous observations on a journey of self-discovery.

When in Germany...Hyde Flippo
travel...v. cool book detailing german culture so as to prevent shock

travel narratives...stories from women who moved to foreign countries. funny, emotional, and educational

Best American Travel Writing
travel stories...fab, funny...read it if you travel

Truman...David McCullough
bio. Fabulous bio of Harry S. Long, but so worth it.

Prayer of Jabez for women...Diane Wilkinson
Christianity. Don't see why the huge deal was made. Decent book. Typical of most Christian books.

Under the Banner of Heaven...Jon Krakauer
Mormonism. An in depth view of fundamentalist mormons through the eyes of extreme sports writer krakauer. AMAZING BOOK. a def. MUST READ!!!!

Into the Wild...Jon Krakauer
outdoor sports. a philosophical and detailed look at a guy who walked off into the wild and died there. again, fabulous book. Krakauer please write more!

Boy Who Loved Windows...Stacey
autism. fab book about a mom who knew her son needed help and did all she could to get it. Triumphant story.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye...Joshua Harris
Christianity. pompous book by a 20 yr old kid that thinks he has the answers. Has some pretty good insight, though.

Boy Meets Girl...Joshua Harris
Christianity...the sequel...now he's 25 or something.

Short History of Nearly Everything...Bill Bryson
science...FABULOUS brief but humorous detail of science greats. MUST READ!

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