Just finished a fabulous book by one of my fav authors, Aimee Bender. It's called An Invisible Sign of My Own.

An idea from it I love:

"I make a move to leave but his hand clamps over my wrist and I say: I want to go NOW, but his hand is a brace and I slam against it. His fingers chafe my wrist. Pull harder. Pull. His hand is strong. I pull as hard as I can, throw the weight of my whole body against his hand, more, and I never get to do this, I never pull as hard as I can, I always pull less hardthan I can just in case, but here I am straining, feet braced against the bed for leverage, and his hand is strong and wiry and I say: Let Me Go! and he is laughing at me and he says: You keep trying if you want but I will not let you go. I will not let you go."

Sometimes a woman needs a man to fight her for her. Sometimes she pulls to test, but is always afraid to do it for real, so it turns into manipulation and games rather than having real trust. All within the context of you really wanting to stick around but pulling away from fear, of course. When you know he won't let you go no matter how hard you pull, you can finally learn to trust.

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