Thank God for Good Docs

Mom calls the night before last, upset because she's not feeling well after a recent surgery. She's worried because she's going to miss my nephew's wedding because she doesn't feel well enough to make it down to Texas for the second time in a month. I tell her it's okay. Nephew is too busy worshipping his beautiful new bride to notice anyway, and she saw him three weeks ago for the niece's graduation.

Last night she calls back to tell me she's feeling so much better. Nothing's changed, she just knows she isn't going and everything is okay. She says "something weighing heavily on my chest is gone now".

Then she says, in a "by the way" addition, her CT scan came back clear--before she moves on to other topics.

I nicely refrain from pointing out that the obvious reason she feels so much better--the reason there is no longer a giant pressure on her chest--is because she just found out that she's been clear of cancer for 5 years and is now officially in full remission.

My mother is so subtle.

And cancer free!!!!

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