Let It Out

Okay, so admittedly, I watch too much TV. The thing is, though, I rarely see commercials because we watch everything on DVR. It's odd, then, that one of my favorite commercials as of late would end up being such a big deal.

If you watch tv, and if you ever watch without bleeping through the ads, you may very well have seen the recent Kleenex campaign. I like it because it's sweet, and because it seems to be indicative of the state of our country during Iraq and Katrina recovery.

The ads take place in a city, with a person sitting on a chair just listening to people. The people are random city dwellers who sit, talk, rant, lie down, and cry during these mini therapy sessions. The song playing in background persuades consumers to "Let It Out". Life is tough, Kleenex will be there for you when you need to bawl some of that emotion out.

Turns out, that song is from a band called Starr Fadu. Starr Fadu is important because they are a Christian rock band from Springfield, MO, and one of the members is none other than my good friend and first boyfriend ever (he held hands so well and I broke up with him mostly because he was a smelly boy) Dave.

Anyway, there are sooo many cool places where this is popping up now. Check it out:

Kleenex commercials and StarrFadu songs and info: Starr Fadu MySpace Page

Starr Fadu's Website

Send an "I love everything about you" card from Hallmark with "Let It Out" in the background.

Congratulations, Guys!!!!!

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