Email Calamity, or Why I'm Never Importing Contacts Again

So I'm a member of this great professional networking website called Doostang. Today I decided to take a look and see who, of my gmail contacts, was already a member. I only found one or two people that were close enough that I'd actually invite, so I unchecked all the others and clicked "invite".

Unfortunately, what I didn't see, was that under the list of people who were already members of Doostang, there was a list of every email in my gmail contacts--all automatically checked already. Given that I failed to see the names, I didn't UNcheck them, so everybody in my contacts got an invitation to Doostang.

For those of you who don't use gmail, everybody in my contacts means EVERY SINGLE PERSON I HAVE EVER EMAILED. EVER.

Okay, except for those I've taken the time to delete over the years, but I only do that once in a blue moon, so this was a LOT of people. 683 to be exact. I know, because I immedately went to my gmail account and sent an email to everyone in my contacts list apologizing for my idiocy. That itself posed yet another problem. Now gmail thinks I'm a spammer and has blocked me from sending emails for a couple of days.

So I'm mortified. And sincerely apologetic to all of you who received this (although if you need an apology, you probably don't read this blog :)). I've effectively demonstrated that I'm an unhirable idiot who can't even organize her own contacts to all of the company recruiters in my address book. Guess I won't be sending out those applications any time soon. Bah.

I'm trying to look on the bright side, though, so here's my list of positive outcomes:

1. I got a TON of undeliverables and was able to delete those non-working addresses from my contacts.
2. It's vacation time! I received over 25 "out of the office" auto-replies. Enjoy your time!
3. I have rekindled conversations with people that have been off my radar for months, if not years.
4. Not being able to send email means I actually have to do work--which is good in so many ways.
5. I've reminded 683 people that I exist, and some of them even joined my Doostang network.
6. To those of you who think I'm a perfect goddess that can do no wrong...I've now proven to you that I am, in fact, only human.

Again, my apologies to those who received the blitz. Laugh all you want. I deserve it.

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