Why Chic Lit is Popular

Because all of us, even those who say we don't, want this:

"Hold on, I have an idea," (my loving boyfriend) said and tiptoed to the kitchen. He came back with two oversie garbage bags and spread them out over my blue comforter. He dug into the greasy bag and brought out two giant burgers with everything and one esxtra-large order of fries. He'd remembered ketchup packets and tons of salt for me, and even the napkins. I clapped I was so excited, (and almost forgot about my horrible first week at work that made me cancel our date tonight.)

"I'm not done yet. Here, check it out." And out of his backpack came a fistful of tiny vanilla tea lights, a bottle of screw-top red wine, and two waxy paper cups.

"You're kidding," I said softly, still not believing that he'd put all this together after I'd cancelled our date.

He handed me a cup of wine and tapped it with his. "No, I'm not. You think I was going to miss hearing about the first week of the rest of your life? To my best girl."

"Thank you," I said, slowly taking a sip. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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Tim said...

you girlies have some cuh-razy fantasies. this is almost as exciting as tax code...not quite but almost. heh
my turn-ons include:
-changing myself for you
-and filling a psycho-sexual, quasi father/sun role

strangely, this is less lame than a lot of male fantasy, but almost as unrealistic.