So many of you have commented that my guestbook read like a list of hearts I've broken. Possibly true, but I have now hidden all (well, most) of the exes who left hateful messages or messages that were really just meant to show the rest of the men out there that I was taken, so you can be assured that the current entries are actually just friends or people who think my site is cool or something. You know, there really weren't THAT many exes on there. I think y'all are just too easily intimidated. :)


Tim said...

look out you san fran boys (the 4 or 5 straight ones of you over there). Yer playing with the queen of hearts.

Monika said...

There are more than 4 or 5 straight boys here, Tim...I mean, c'mon...I've already fucked up friendships or more with that many.