Feeding my Crush on Peter DeWolf

Seriously, the man is amazing. I wonder if his real conversations are ever this cool.
an excerpt:
“I adore a woman who’ll straight up order a burger.”
“You’d love me if I was eating tofu.”
“Busting out ‘love’ already?”
Her eyes got big. For a half second, she thought she had ruined it. Then she saw his face.
“Please. How could you not love me?,” she asked, as rhetorically as anything had ever been asked.
“You make a good point.”
“I always do.”
Their feet accidentally bumped together under the table. Neck hair stood up on end on both sides of the booth.
They left their feet touching.
He smiled at her. Warm. Honest.
“Baby…?” he slightlyabovewhispered.
“Tofu would be pushing it.”
“Shut up.”
He smiled at her. Warm. Smitten.

Peter, can you just write the rest of my first dates for me? Pretty please?

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Anonymous said...

He sounds great.