Spilled Milk

photo by Craig Cowling

Wonder if she laughed so hard the milk squirted out her nose.


She was shaken and stirred said...


She was shaken and stirred said...


Thanks for the email. Thanks for taking the time to send it. It made me forget about my life for a few minutes.

SF is awesome. I haven't been there in a few years, but what a great city. I wish I lived somewhere with some actual culture and normalcy. I think I do need to get out of Vegas, but I'm afraid to leave for various reasons. I'm afraid to live in a place that doesn't cater to my delinquent habits.

How long have you been out there? What do you do? Does that guy who dresses up like a bush to scare people still stand out on the wharf? lol.

pete said...

this is kinda hot. woo!