Things You Can Do With A Thousand Bucks

You can...

buy blankets for 66 homeless people.
provide meals to a needy person for 6 months.
give 12 dogs new homes.
bring the family out to see San Francisco.
buy 100 books for children.
distribute more than 50 copies of Evidence of Harm to people who need to know.
provide a computer to an underpriveledged child.
buy an electronic keyboard and months of lessons to help a child experience music.
pay off an old credit card.
help a needy single mom get a job with a work wardrobe and a babysitter for a week.
provide shoes to 50 needy school children.
attend courses that teach you how to be someone else so you can manipulate women into liking you.
send 530 red roses that will die in 3 days to someone who'd rather never hear your name again.

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Tim said...

pay a friend who made a sign fot you? heh