Yesterday I turned off my phone for two hours and turned it back on to find 15 messages on it. The day before it happened with 8 messages. Not to mention all the calls I actually answer and text messages.

My email inbox had 42 new emails this morning. ALL of them were from people wanting something from me. This does not include spam, ads, or subscriptions.

I spent one night this week listening to a friend's story of how he's dealing with his psycho girlfriend, even though in telling me that he admitted that he had cheated on her by making out with me early in my SF adventures.

I spent another night convincing my best friend that he is lovable and he shouldn't go and fuck up a good thing now that he's found a great guy just because he's insecure.

I spent one of those nights convincing my mom that I do love her and enjoy hearing all about the adventures that kittens have during the day, but that I had errands to run and work to do and really just wanted to hear about how she was doing.

I've received too many emails, texts, and voicemails from people who are too impatient to wait until I can get to them. Some of these people are wonderful and actually take the time to ask what's going on. Others forget that my life doesn't revolve around them. Please note that both the former and latter are plural, and this post is not directed at any person(s) in particular.

Look, I love you guys, or I wouldn't be friends with you. But give me a break. I miss ME. Can I have just a bit of time, that's just me? Please?

A wise friend sent me this information:

It's useful to do three things when dealing with the human
horde (actually, three variants on one theme):

1. set boundaries.  and *police* them.  only deal with
people on *your* terms.

2. be honest and open only to the degree that honesty
and openness work in your favor.  then be distant (but
never actually dishonest, if you can possibly help
it), unapproachable, and remote.  only give people
access if you know ahead of time that they will
respect you *for* you--and will not make unreasonable
demands on your time, your energy, or your sanity.

3. never let anyone take you for granted.  when they
do, "punish" them by restricting access.

So here's the deal kids:
I will not answer my phone tonight. I will not be obligated to check my emails. I will not meet with anyone.
Friday, should I feel like it, I will go to the wine party and that will end the self-imposed isolation. I reserve the right to change my mind.

Given that I have addressed all pressing issues and have no commitments to anyone (especially since I work until very late tonight), you have absolutely no reason to be upset by this. I just need a little bit of time. I'm drained. I need a break. If you actually care about me, please grant me that.

See you all soon.

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