My Comments on Recent Blog Commentary

So in response to my "fantasy man" post, I got this comment:

"Before you can ask that of someone, you need to be able to provide that of yourself to him. Otherwise you're looking for someone to make up what you can't produce, instead of enjoying what you both are. IE Gold Digger lf sugar daddy. That's not love, its lust or self preservation. Considering you were just looking for money last month, seems like you might be a Pier 39 patroller. But, I work down there..come by, I got dollars!"

I know I should probably just leave it alone, but I can't help myself.

To "anonymous":

1. The fantasy man post is about my *ahem* FANTASY man. I don't expect any man I'd ever date to be that friggin perfect, but c'mon...if I wanted to I could ask for a man who will give me a neck massage every night while impressing my mom, entertaining my girlfriends, cooking me a magnificent dinner and singing love songs in an incredible voice. It's MY fantasy. I'm not dictating standards for the men I'll date, dangit.

2. I CAN provide a lot of those things to a man. I wouldn't hope for them for me if I didn't hope to be able to offer something comparable to someone else.

3. The "looking for money last month" was a nice little play on the fact that I was leaving my fundraising job where I would no longer have to create sponsorship systems like that. Given that you didn't see that, you obviously don't know me NEARLY well enough to even begin making judgments about me.

And about that one...you'll notice nobody got named for any of those levels...think that might be because nobody who knows me took it seriously?

4. What the hell is a Pier 39 patroller? How did the tacky hub of tourists come into play in my fantasy? Yech!

Seriously, when you leave anonymous comments with no backing evidence, you're not really doing me any damage here :)

Ooooh, that just gave me something else to add to my fantasy man: He will face things forthright, and not be the passive aggressive type who can't stand his ground out in the open.


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Tim said...

So becuase I posted a snarky comment AND my name, does that mean I got points?

You know, Mon, you seem to get more random traffic than my blog ever does. Or at least random posts.

I was being silly, but your annomous guy did seem to pick a wierd and silly battle. Way to make a stand, dude.