It's not that I want to be home or that home offers me anything better than my beautiful new city. I love San Francisco, but San Francisco is lacking a couple of really important things. At home, when a day is a little too long or the mood just isn't right, I can head to Mom's house, curl up on the couch next to her, and cuddle Gatsby in my lap. Here there's no home, there's no Mom, there's no Gatsby. At the very least I could curl up with Corey and his kitty back in Springfield. Here I don't even have the roommate or the substitute pet. I used to call these teddy bear moods--moods that make you want to curl up and be a little melancholy but you might not really know why. Here, I just call it homesick because it reminds me of my cuddly comforts hiding back in Missouri.

Anyone wanna loan me a cuddly cat or a nice big dog?

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But those aren't your only cuddle options necessarily.