things that motivate me to walk, no. 1

I'm standing on the Muni, and this guy slides his hand along the bar up next to mine until it almost covers my hand. He pushes himself up behind me, says excuse me, and then uses his other hand to push me over to the direction he came.

At home, definitely would have decked the guy. But here, I understand there's less room, people are a bit more on top of each other, maybe he didn't mean to...so I excuse it.

But then his hand, now on the other side of me, finds mine again. I move away a bit. He moves into me. I move again, he moves again...and it goes on. Finally, a seat opens and I take it as quickly as I can. He moves so that he is standing directly in front of me and his knees keep resting on mine. Please note that the bus is NOT crowded. I keep moving, he keeps moving...and so on. He then takes the seat next to me and continues to lean on me for the rest of the bus ride. I make eye contact several times and pull away. Finally, I just get off and walk the 12 or 13 blocks home b/c I can't deal with his slimey self anymore.

I need to learn when it's okay here to just shove him off me. I'm afraid I'd get mobbed here for not being a pacifist, though. We'll see.

It was a nice walk home. :)

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