Why can't a break-up just be because two people couldn't make it work? Why, after all the analysis and all the post break-up talk, do guys have to go back and decide that it's all a big angry fiasco? Why do they have to come back, after admitting all the awful things they did, and blame it all on you to make themselves feel better? Why do they have to continue to cast blame and delude themselves about what happened? Why can't it just be okay?

I thought the heartbreak was over. I thought we could move on. Why does it have to get ugly? Why now?

A wise person recently pointed out to me that if you care enough about someone, and get along well enough to date for some time, you should at least be able to be friends if it doesn't work out. Why would you limit that person to just dating? Why can't you take that caring relationship to friends? Why do you have to hate someone just because they don't belong to you? Why do you have to start hating them the second you can't control them? Why must you KEEP trying to control them?

You think someone loves you, and then you find that their love only extends so far as their possession of you.

I love you, darlin, I always will. I'd love to be friends with you. But guess what...no man has ever owned me. No man ever will. And most of those who've tried to control me have gotten hurt. I'm sure you can attest to that.

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