Another Fun-Filled Weekend

So this weekend I got to hang out in Kansas City. Not that KC is the most fun place to hang out, but it was a fabulous weekend with great people and good entertainment. It's gonna be so difficult to actually get through five days of work now. :)

Saturday night was Chuck's bday. Being the RPG'er that he is, he asked that we have a 20s gangster themed party. We all showed up at a little Italian dive dressed as mobsters and flappers. Tres sexy. After dinner at a long table with Chuck and Corey guarding the ends (looking hot as always, boys :)) we headed over to Martha's for some tonics and dancing. Despite the normal crowd, Saturday night there were plenty of cute straight guys to go around. :) Made for a very interesting night with us girls in our short little dresses and strings of pearls.

Afterward, we made it back to the soon to be lonely apartment to watch Chicago and play a game of Cranium. I've never played with such a big group of nerds (myself included). The game goes by pretty dern quickly when everyone is either a trivial pursuit guru or a theater major. We got a few great sensasketch prints for the fridge :) Anyone else wanna help decorate?

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