Cautiously Optimistic

This seems to be my new term for everything good that happens in my life.

Although things haven't been going very well lately, some things have been looking better. For one, I get to go to San Francisco on Friday and spend a few days with Amy, who I haven't seen in so friggin long, and other friends and that beautiful city. Life is rough right now, but even that doesn't keep me from being soooo excited about my upcoming vacation. I also scored an interview while I'm out there, and it could be a really good fit...so we'll see. Very excited!

After I get back I only have two days of work before I'm off on another day to go to an interview in Kansas City. Not as exciting as San Francisco, but the job offer is certainly a big thing. Maybe life will smile on me for a bit :) I could use the sunshine.

On that note, I'm gonna go play with some puppies at the shelter now!

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Anonymous said...

I wish you all the positive energy I can muster Monika. Perhaps, everything is smiling on you at this moment; enjoy...