So I went threough a bunch of old journal type things I wrote in junior high and found some pretty funny stuff. Thought I'd share some things here for all to enjoy. :)

Don't kill yourself laughing at me :) I was a pompous, naive, bad writer of a twelve year old.

My first vignette:

I was walking outside with my dogs when I heard my neighbor's voice calling hers. The black dog that is too fat for his size had gotten out of the fenced in yard when his owner tried to get her children into the car. My neighbor, a woman at least 200 pounds overweight, screamed at her malnourished children to catch the dog because she was too busy sitting in the car to get him herself. When the skinny little girls and boys finally caught the dog, she yelled at them for pulling on his collar. What a bitch.

After they left, I noticed that their back gate was standing wide open.

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