Oh my, it's been a long week. Last weekend was in St. Louis to pick up Corey's cousin Ava, hang out with his friend Marla and her baby and husband, hang out with my friend Rob, and tour the city. Spent the week with Corey, Chuck, and Ava doing all kinds of fun crazy things. Kissed a girl. Twice. Kissed a gay guy. Twice. Got groped by a bunch of gay guys in a gay bar. Got drinks bought for me by straight men in a gay bar. Ate brie that tasted like a Liz Phair song (see the new album). Note to self: Never eat brie again. Ever. Wore a dress with a slit up to my hip when I sat down. Spent this weekend in St. Louis with the Mandys and other Wash U folk, as well as Corey and Chuck. Did Relay (woo hoo!). Froze ass off. Saw Marla and baby again, along with other random baby. Drank a lot, ate a lot, drove a lot, slept wayyyy too little. Saw Ellen and Maddi and fam. Much fun. Decided certain family members of mine are very uncool. Sat across from best friend while being told she'd marry the guy she's with. Realized we are adults and are moving on. Tear. Asked random grocery store yamaka guy how pounds of matzos I should bring home. Ate German liquer-filled chocolates at Tivoli while watching Robert McNamara plead his side of Vietnam. Ate St. Louis Bread Co, NOT Panera, twice in one day. Said goodbye to good friend headed off to Kuwait to fight the good fight. Worked a totally different shift and job today. Saw pothead former friend/neighbor/bane of my existence who bragged about impregnating first child's preschool teacher. Now it's 9pm and I'm ready for bed. Bah.

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