Kittens in Ozark and Jobs in Germany

Apparently a cat and a dog large enough to eat that cat whole are not enough for my mother. She decided she was bringing home kittens. So now we are the proud owners of Brett and Mallory. They are beautiful fuzzy twin black grey and white tabby cats with white raccoon-like marks around their eyes. Brett is named for Brett from The Sun Also Rises. She's kind of sassy and puts on a brave front. Mallory is the runt of the whole litter and is named for George Lee Mallor because she climbs everything in the house immediately and claims them as her Everest. Gatsby hates them. Kingsley wants to eat them. It's a fun house this evening, folks.

I got an email back from a guy who runs an outdoor adventure equipment company. He has a position for me, including my own apartment, if I can manage to get a work permit. Apparently unless you're the only person in the world specializing in a very specific subdivision of your field, it's pretty difficult to get a work permit right now. There are exceptions, especially if you are living there regardless of employment, and he is going to help me exploit the system as best I can. Perhaps I can find a job as a psychologist researching the long term effects of serial long-distance relationships. I'm definitely an expert.

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