Just when I had found renewed hope in meeting cool people and making some friends while I'm home for the summer (due to Jordan's coolness and ability to actually talk without complaining), I met Angela. Angela is one of the cave people who never shows up to work. She's closer to my age than the other kids, so I was looking forward to getting to know her. The first three things I noticed about Angela: She's beautiful. She's almost always smiling. And she has the worst smell I have ever encountered emanating from somewhere within that little body. Apparently everyone else stays away from her because of her "bad breath." I'm not sure bad breath covers this one, though. I didn't realize breath could smell THAT bad. And what do you do? You can't offer a breathmint...it wouldn't touch that smell. So I spent six hours trapped in a cave with the worst smell ever. Poor girl. If she wasn't so damned annoying I'd feel really bad for her. So much for making good friends of all the new coworkers.

On that note, starting very soon I will have a new set of coworkers with which to become friends. :) The manager at Barnes & Noble called today and is having me go in tomorrow so we can set up hours. He didn't ask for an interview or tell me I had a job, he just said he wanted to set up the hours for me to work. Must have impressed him in our first conversation when I applied. :) So yay for me. I get to work in a bookstore again...assuming he can deal with my hours anyway. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

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