America's Got Talent?

Okay, so I'm blogging about reality TV. Not sure if this brings me down a notch. :)

I've been watching the last few episodes of America's Got Talent (the first season I've seen at all). My general impression is that the quality of the singers and dancers is pretty low on the show, but it offers an opportunity for other kinds of acts. This makes sense given that singers will do Idol, or country singers will do Nashville Star, and dancers have their options and whatnot. Tonight, though, I saw a performance that made me stop in my tracks and rewind it and watch it again. Check it out here:

Sarah Lenore - Bleeding Love

The judges, however, blasted her for this song choice. Really? I thought she was amazing. Am I totally off here? Usually I'm in full agreement with the realistic judges (mainly Piers on AGT and Simon on Idol), but tonight I thought all three of them were idiots. This girl has got some MAJOR talent.

So I went back to watch her other performances to find out why they thought this was so bad. She has been AMAZING at country music, and that's what she wants to do, but I still thought this song really showcased her talent, appealed to a wider audience, and showed her versatility. She could have turned it into a country song, which would have just maybe been the most downloaded song on itunes if it got put up, but wrong song? I certainly don't think so. I definitely think this is an up-and-comer to look out for and hope she starts getting some radio play because of this show. She's already recording and performing in Nashville, so this boost could be all she needs. Check out some of her other performances:

Sarah Lenore - Before He Cheats Video

Sarah Lenore - Not Ready to Make Nice Video

Sarah Lenore - Lemonade Video

Sarah Lenore MySpace Page with Music

Sarah Lenore CD on Amazon with Previews

Seriously, if I still lived in Missouri, I'd be planning a trip to Nashville to see this chick. My fingers are crossed for you, Sarah!

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