Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Help Minna campaign. We raised almost $4,000 in cash donations and free samples, and Minna was able to borrow to cover the rest of the costs. Minna is by no means on dry land, but thanks to you, she stayed afloat and can see the shore from where she sits. Medicare kicks in soon, and with a $25/month supplementary plan, she'll be able to get all of her medicines for $15. This brings her costs down from approximately $900 per month to less than $200.

The bigger issue here is that Minna is just one example of millions of people dealing with this issue. As the current candidates talk about what they plan to do with health care in the future, please make sure that you know what you want in a health care system. There are many ways to address the issue, and each one is successful in its own way, with its own drawbacks. The Jan-Feb 2008 issue of Mental Floss has a FABULOUS and IMPARTIAL article on the different systems in play worldwide. Wikipedia details some of these differences in a slightly more complex way. The fact is, that while we might not all be able to agree on what we need, we do need something. It is tragic that someone might not have an equal opportunity to life because of a financial situation.

So please, read up on health care. Figure out what YOU want. And please make sure this issue plays at least a small role in your vote next year.

To get you started:

American Cancer Society: Access To Care

American Medical Student Association: Universal Health Care Initiative

Health Care Reform Now!

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