I promise to blog about Vegas, but first I have to mention the giant elephant seal that's attacking people and animals in Sonoma. I know it's probably pretty scary, but this cracks me up. I can't help but laugh when I see his picture. The best part is that the big ugly thing's name is "Nibbles".

I'm even more entertained now that I found this video of a different elephant seal.

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The film of the seal murder is gross. Since the seals have landed at Pier 39 and become obnoxious guests, one loses respect for the wild mammals. See the site for Año Nuevo State Reserve. It is about 40-50 miles to the south of you. There they have clear directions about how to behave around them. For instance, for obvious reasons, during the breeding season, one needs to remain with a guide. The young lady who hit the seal was doing no one a favor.

Pete's mom